Perese® Değerler Eğitimi Öğretmen Kitabı 10: Öz Denetim
Perese Moral Education Teacher’s Handbook: Self-Control

Perese® Değerler Eğitimi Öğretmen Kitabı 10: Öz Denetim

Teaching values are a vital part of education and it does not have to be boring. Moral education in a classroom can be so much fun! Perese aims at helping teachers in class, providing them with activities and discussion topics that will help instill core values. The core values in the Perese are; responsibility, benevolence, justice, friendship, leadership, honesty, patience, respect, self-confidence, and self-control. This book is written under the supervision and consultation of academicians and practitioners of educational psychology. It is specially prepared for teachers and school administrators. The book provides fun activities that can be used in class, and with the students’ families. There are many practical, simple, and appropriate activities for children with various interests and learning types. Perese can be supported with Helik used at home by parents to instill values.

Alpaslan Durmuş, Hatice Işılak Durmuş, Halil Ekşi, Neriman Karatekin, Mustafa Otrar, Pınar Koç Yıldırım






16,5 x 23,5 cm

Other Technical Specifications:
Kuşe kağıt, renkli, resimli

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